Ludwig Thuille

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The austrian composer Ludwig Thuille (1861-1907) was born in Bozen. After having lost both his parents as a child, he lived with his uncle who was very supportive of his musical developement. At the age of 16 Thuille started at the Academy in Munich, studying composition with Rheinberger. Only one year after he made his exams 1882 he was appointed teacher and a few years later professor in that same institution, teaching piano and harmony.

He co-wrote a later very popular book on Harmony, but died of sudden heart failure at the age of 46 before it was published.

Since his childhood and throughout his life Thuille was a close friend of Richard Strauss‘, who found him to be his superior in counterpoint.

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  2. I am so glad you have embarked on this project. So much beautiful music – its been a sheer delight. And I have particularly enjoyed discovering the music of Thuille – to my mind, a very unjustly neglected composer. So thank you very much and best wishes!!!

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