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Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

Hélène Lindqvist - swedish-egyptian soprano and Philipp Vogler - pianist, conductor, composer and professor at the University of Music in Munich Germany. Together we have been an art song duo for over ten years. We aim for a „live“ feeling to our recordings; using uncut, single-take material only.
The Art Song Project

Some people ask why we bother spending our time with the works of composers nobody has heard of. Our answer is always: because we love to search for and discover new music.

Anyone looking through a music encyclopedia will find that a fraction of the composers listed are actually played in concert halls all over the world. Of course the repertoire differs a bit so that you will hear more french composers in France than in Germany or Finland for example. The variety of music played at one specific concert hall of course also depends on the interest and focus of the artistic director. This could be „18th century music“ or „contemporary classics“ etc.

But Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Mahler, to name a few, are omnipresent.
To hear a symphony by Heinrich von Herzogenberg or chamber music by Rebecca Clarke, you will probably have to travel further than to your local town hall. Unknown music doesn‘t draw a crowd. Dwindling attention from the audiences puts pressure on the organizers. So they play it safe with popular symphonic repertoire. Chamber music concerts are rare, and art song concerts only ever reach break-even financially with the big names.

Happily there are record labels off-mainstream that make it possible to at least hear unpopular music on CD.
Obscure Composers

One might ask why these composers are so obscure. Isn‘t there something like a natural selection taking place to let only the highest-quality music reach immortality? Yes and no. Of course there were always composers writing boring music around. Famous composers no exception. But it certainly would be a mistake to think a composer probably is of little interest only because he‘s unknown.

Stay with us. There's much to explore.
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What people say

  • #nowplaying Persian Love Songs, from @ArtSongLind A real find! Heartfelt, slightly exotic music from rarely recorded Anton Rubinstein.

    @classicalcara, Twitter
  • love discovering new pieces, songs and arias... Im drifting off listening to this... Truly beautiful melody...

    @ejameswardle, Twitter
  • Very nice! Poem. translation, singing- all of it: Ein "Gesamtkunstwerk" ;-))

    @gaulimauli, Twitter
  • ho avuto il piacere di ascoltarti in Poldowski / Colombine: complimenti. BRAVA!!!

    @buonladrone, Twitter
  • It's a gold mine! ;-) MT @armidasgarden: @artsonglind has a glorious youtube channel with 74 unusual art songs so far

    @liederabendcat, Twitter
  • Wonderful project. Congratulations! Can’t believe that it took me so long to find it. All the best.

    @augustschram, Twitter
  • I enjoyed it very much. Beautiful voice!

    @bralmello, Twitter
  • This is beautiful, Helene & Philipp! Thank you for sharing. <3

    @JennyBlue78, Twitter
  • The new CD sounds great, can't wait to get my hands on it and take a full listen! Congrats!

    @SridharSB, Twitter
  • I love these songs from Samuel Coleridge Taylor. So gorgeously sung! Thank You

    @dramamezzo, Twitter
  • I love this!! Enjoyed this very much as the autumn sun trickles through the window. Inspiring.

    @nicodevpiano, Twitter
  • Dear Hélène!! You just made my day!! What a wonderful project!! Thank you!

    @jabaechle, Twitter
  • Her-mo-sa!!! Beautiful!!!

    @_reech_, Twitter
  • Ok, so @ArtSongLind is freakin' awesome, just quietly. I can't believe I've never checked out the Art Song Project site before, so good.

    @danisapianist, Twitter
  • Thank you, Hélène =D Listening to you is always a great pleasure! ))))))

    @MilaBaturina, Twitter

The Art Song Project on CD

Currently, we have 2 CD's available:

Anton Rubinstein: Persian Love Songs

“delightful discovery”…”try some, you won’t regret it”: ***** “

Norman Lebrecht, CD of the month, Open letters monthly

Heinrich von Herzogenberg: 24 Lieder

"Lindqvist and Vogler are an ideal team for these impressingly pure romantic gems of art songs."

Rainer Aschemeier, The Listener


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