Wilhelm Peterson – Berger

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„Critique MUST be subjective-MUST be personal!“
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867-1942) is not unknown: Everybody knows him. In Sweden. He studied in Sweden and Dresden, Germany, where he also later taught music himself. For the longest time he then was a critic in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter in Stockholm, where he was notorious for his harsh opinion of everything he hadn‘t written himself.


They say he got slapped in the face more than once by enraged artists and composers. He wrote all kinds of music: operas, symphonies, concertos, but his best works are his songs; in my opinion some of the finest ever written.

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  1. Author
    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

    Do you know where?

  2. Mikael Rasmusson

    Very impressive project. Some of Peterson-Berger’s songs are translated into German. Let us hope for Arnljot in 2017.

  3. Author
    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

    There is a huge collection of his works at the Swedish State Music Library. Check if you can get sheet music sent to you via a local library. Good luck with your Master’s.

  4. Elisabeth

    These songs are gorgeous! I’m planning on doing Peterson-Berger for my Master’s project. Do you know of any good resources for finding sheet music? I’m in the U.S. I don’t know if that makes a difference to you.

  5. Lindqvist & Vogler

    Hi Koen, I like the opera “Arnljot”. One of the characters is a sami girl a little similar to Liù, whose songs/arias I have sung. Stunning and moving music. I wish I could have sung the whole role-but I never even saw a complete performance live.

  6. Koen

    I do know Peterson-Berger, but only have about 10 songs from him in my collection, sung by AS von Otter. Beautiful music. Need to hear more from him though, curious about the operas

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