Samuel Coleridge-Taylor You lay so still in the Sunshine

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You lay so still in the Sunshine by Marguerite Radclyffe-Hall

You lay so still in the sunshine
So still in that hot sweet hour
That the timid things of the forest land
Came close; a butterfly lit on your hand
Mistaking it for a flow’r

You scarcely breath’d in your slumber
So dreamless it was, so deep,
While the warm air stirr’d in my veins like wine
The air that had blown thro’ a jasmine vine,
But you slept and I let you sleep


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  1. You’re welcome! There’s some more to come, but I will wait a little, so this doesn’t turn into a pure SCT-site 😉

  2. More SCT! You are spoiling me! Thanks so much for this beautiful song.

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