Female composer Florence Beatrice Price

Florence B. Price

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Florence Price (1887 – 1953) was the first African-American woman composer to earn national recognition.  Her mother was a successful business woman, and her father a politically active author, inventor and the first black dentist of her home town Little Rock, Arkansas.

Price sold her firs composition to a publisher at the age of eleven. Already an accomplished organist and pianist, she later studied composition at the new England Conservatory.

Price’s first symphony in E-minor won first prize in a national competition and was premiered by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1933.

Price composed over 300 works including another symphony, a piano concerto and numerous songs and chamber music pieces. She is well known for her spirituals arrangements, one of which there is a famous recording with Marian Anderson (My soul’s been anchored in de Lord).

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  1. Interested in hearing the songs you have recorded, particularly those of Florence Price.

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