Federico Mompou Pastoral

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Pastoral by Juan Ramón Jiménez Mantecón

Los caminos de la tarde
se hacen uno con la noche
por en he de ir a ti
Amor que tanto te escondes

Por el he de ir a ti
como la luz de los montes
como la brisa del mar
como el olor de las flores

Pastoral    translation by Hèlène Lindqvist and Cecilia Nanneson

The roads of twilight
unite with the night
for which I must go to you
Love, hiding you from me

For the night I must go to you
like the light over the hills
like the breeze of the sea
like the scent of the flowers

Learn about Federico Mompou here.

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  2. reech2reech

    La a-mé! Eres muy muy talentosa Helena! / I looo-ved it! You are very very talented Hélène! xoxo

  3. Lionel Harrison

    How I love the melancholic and nostalgic cast of Mompou’s music; I don’t know if you have any Catalan ancestry but your interpretation sounds effortlessly convincing to me. And I must comment on Philipp’s playing of the interludes – such intense artistry should not go unremarked. Thank you, both.

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