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Asserin, asseran, nursery rhyme

Asserin, asseran, los maderos de San Juan
Los de arriba sierran bien
y los de abajo tambien
Al milano que le dan bello titas con el pan
por la noche pan y pera yotra noche pera y pan
Asserin, asseran, los maderos de San Juan

Asserin, asseran is an old spanish game where children hold hands and make “sawing” motions to the rhythm. The translation would be somwhat like this:

Asserin, asseran, the lumberjacks of San Juan
The ones at the top saw well and the ones down below as well
What do they give to the woodpecker? Acorns with bread
For the night bread and pears and for the next night pears and bread

Thanks to Wolfgang and Soraya.

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  1. reech

    Aserrín, aserrán,
    los maderos de San Juan,
    Piden pan, no les dan,
    piden queso, les dan un hueso
    y les cortan el pescuezo.

    My mom used to sing it to me. 😀 <3

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