Samuel Coleridge-Taylor When I am dead, my dearest

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When I am dead, my dearest       Christina Rosetti “Sorrow songs”

When I am dead, my dearest
sing no sad songs for me
Plant thou no roses at my head
nor shady cypress tree
Be the green grass above me
with showers and dewdrops wet
And if thou wilt remember
and if thou wilt forget

I shall not see the shadows
I shall not feel the rain
I shall not hear the nightingale sing
sing on as if in pain
And dreaming through the twilight
that does not rise nor set
Haply I may remember
and haply may forget

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  1. I saw your posts on the Linkedin site for SCT and followed you here! I’m so glad you saw fit to record this lovely song; you’ll probably know that SCT wrote in excess of 100 songs the majority of which have never been recorded. I know you are casting your net wide over ‘unsung composers’ but if you can find it in your heart to record more of SCT’s, you’ll make one old fan of his very happy! You have a lovely voice and you sing with great sensitivity. As a long-time accompanist myself, I also appreciate Mr Vogler’s thoughtful and subtle contribution. Thank you so much.

  2. Another great song performed to utmost perfection!
    I don’t not what to admire more: the beauty of the voice or that of the picture. More….!

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