Ture Rangström Den enda stunden / One single moment

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Den enda stunden  lyrics by Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Allena var jag,
han kom allena;
förbi min bana
hans bana ledde.
Han dröjde icke,
men tänkte dröja,
han talte icke,
men ögat talte.
Du obekante,
du välbekante!

En dag försvinner,
ett år förflyter,
det ena minnet
det andra jagar;
den korta stunden
blev hos mig evigt,
den bittra stunden,
den ljuva stunden.

One single moment  translation by Hélène Lindqvist

I was alone
alone he came,
across my path
lead his path.
He didn’t dwell,
but wanted to dwell
He didn’t speak
but his eyes spoke
You unknown,
you well-known

A day disappears
a year goes by
one memory
chases another
this short moment
stayed with me forever
the bitter moment
the sweet moment

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