Thomas Deneuville

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Back in the early nineties there was not much to do on weekends for a teenage boy growing up in Tahiti. Thomas Deneuville (*1977) got bored of skateboarding or picking ripe mangoes and decided to borrow a friend’s electric guitar in order to teach himself the intro riff of AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells. Two years later he was studying classical violin and music theory at a local music school in his native Provence and composing his first pieces.

Of all the musical forms of expression that Thomas experimented with throughout the years, from Irish traditional music, to rock, carnatic music, and opera, writing contemporary classical music remains by far the most satisfying for him. Recognizing the need for social involvement from composers in an ever faster world, Thomas tries to create a genuine connection with his audiences while raising awareness on societal issues.

Thomas’s former teachers include Shafer Mahoney, Eric Tanguy and Tristan Murail (composition),  Geoffrey Burleson (piano) and, listen to this: his voice teacher was Franco Corelli!

Thomas’s music is published by Alberti Publishing. The photo is by Axel Dupeux.

You can reach Thomas at:

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