Rebecca Clarke A Dream

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A Dream by William B. Yeats (An Epitaph)

I dreamed that one had died in a strange place
Near no accustomed hand;
And they had nailed the boards above her face,
The peasants of that land,
And, wond’ring, planted by her solitude
A cypress and a yew:
I came, and wrote upon a cross of wood,
Man had no more to do:
“She was more beautiful than thy first love,
This lady by the trees:”
And gazed upon the mournful stars above,
And heard the mournful breeze.

Learn about Rebecca Clarke here.

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  1. Thank you very much! Was introduced to Rebecca Clark last night (in Seattle) by the Lafayette String Quartet and that, along with these songs, is a discovery worth being grateful for.

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  3. Just about two minutes – but what a dream!

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