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    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

    There is a huge collection of his works at the Swedish State Music Library. Check if you can get sheet music sent to you via a local library. Good luck with your Master’s.

  3. Elisabeth

    These songs are gorgeous! I’m planning on doing Peterson-Berger for my Master’s project. Do you know of any good resources for finding sheet music? I’m in the U.S. I don’t know if that makes a difference to you.

  4. Lindqvist & Vogler

    Hi Koen, I like the opera “Arnljot”. One of the characters is a sami girl a little similar to Liù, whose songs/arias I have sung. Stunning and moving music. I wish I could have sung the whole role-but I never even saw a complete performance live.

  5. Koen

    I do know Peterson-Berger, but only have about 10 songs from him in my collection, sung by AS von Otter. Beautiful music. Need to hear more from him though, curious about the operas

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