Berceuse d'Armorique Poldowski


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    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

    Clive & Alessandro – glad you like this song. It’s special for me as well. Lionel – great to hear from you again! I can see what you mean with the Duparc comparison – in my opinion her music is just as strong as his.

  3. Lionel Harrison

    Hélène, I agree with the other comments – what a beautiful song. If I hadn’t known otherwise, I’d have guessed it to have been written by Henri Duparc – and that’s a real compliment, I think you’ll agree. Of course, as always, you sing it with great sensitivity.


  4. Alessandro Minetti

    Oh Helene, il testo della canzone è una dolce e struggente poesia….

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