Julian Aguirre

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Julián Antonio Tomás Aguirre was born in Buenos Aires in 1868. His family moved to Madrid when he was three years old. His father opened up a piano store. Julián Aguirre studied piano, counterpoint and harmony at the conservatory of Madrid with Emilio Arrieta and Carlos Beck. After having finished his studies in Paris Aguirre moved back to his home town Buenos Aires, where he became as well known as pedagogue, pianist and music critic. In 1916 Aguirre founded the Escuela Argentina de Música.
In his own musical style Aguirre extinguished all influence of verismo, Wagnerismo and the romantic spanish idiom. He was aiming for a musical language deriving from the argentinian folk music and folksongs.
His preference for intimate music made that his oeuvre concentrates on chamber music.
The major part is music for piano and songs for voice and piano. One of is most well known piano pieces, Huella Y Gato has been orchestrated by Ernest Ansermet.
Aguirre died in Buenos Aires in 1924. In 1960 the conservatory of Banfield has been named Conservatorio Julián Aguirre, to honour Aguirre for his influential work as both an artist and pedagogue.

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