Julian Aguirre Rosas Orientales / Oriental Roses

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Rosas Orientales   lyrics by Leopoldo Lugones

En una azucar preciosa
El confitero de Oriente
cristaliza finamente
tiernos pétalos de rosa

si con amoroso afan
yo tus besos cosechara
al saberlome nombrara
su confitero el sultan…

Mas, con arrogante copla
yo así le responderia
guarda tu confiteria
sultan de Constantinopla…

Roses of the Orient  translation by Hélène Lindqvist and Juan Sancho

In a precious sugar
The confectioner of the orient
at last makes crystals
of fine rose petals

If I with loving care
were to gather your kisses,
if he knew, the sultan might
appoint me his confectioner

But with an arrogant verse
I would tell him
Keep your confectioner
Sultan of Constantinople

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  1. Author
    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler


  2. Author
    Hélène Lindqvist & Philipp Vogler

    We don’t know them yet! Will start checking asap. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Cate Frazier-Neely

    Beautiful, thank you! Wouldn’t this go well on a program with the Exotiska sanger of Sigurd von Koch! Would love to hear you do those sometime.

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