Julian Aguirre Caminito / Path

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Caminito  lyrics by Leopoldo Lugones

Caminito caminito
tan parecido a mi pena
cual si lo hubieran escrito
Mis lágrimas en la arena

Mísero pia en los cardos
Un pajarillo invernal
El frio eriza sus dardos
como un cardo de cristal

y el caminito persiste
en la llanura serena
Caminito largo y triste
tan parecido a mi pena

Path  translation by Hélène Lindqvist

Path, path
so like my sorrow
as if someone had written it
with my tears in the sand

Wretched among the thistles
a winter bird
the cold raises its feathers
like a crystal thistle

and the path stays
on the calm plain
path, long and sad
so like my sorrow

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  1. Author

    Thanks Reechie, too bad I can’t change it now, but I will keep it in mind to check with you before I record another song in Spanish. Thank you for your support always and big kisses! H

  2. Lovely song!
    About pronunciation, the “r” sound can be soft or strong. In Arena, pajarillo it must be soft. I could not sing in German so I admire you. Anyway I hardly understand the lyrics of these songs even if they were sung by Victoria or Montserrat who were from Spain were the language was born. 😀

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