Joseph Joachim

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Joseph Joachim (1831-1907) is another very famous musician, who is not famous for his own music. At the age of twelve, he performed Beethoven’s Violin concerto in London under Mendelssohn, thus starting a great career as a violinist. Some still regard him as one of the best there ever was. He composed an conducted as well.

He was a close personal friend of Clara and Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, and shared their taste in music. In 1863 he married the contraalto singer Amalie Weiss, who gave him six children before they had a rather nasty divorce.  Joachim wrote mostly violin repertoire, so this song from 1880 is a rare little gem.

For those who read german, there is a great book by Beatrix Borchard called “Stimme und Geige – Amalie und Joseph Joachim”, which goes into great detail about the life of the Joachims, interpretation of music at the time and the life of a male virtuoso and a female singer in general.

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