Ilmari Hannikainen Det gäller!

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Det gäller   lyrics by Ida Granqvist

Det gäller att så en ädel säd på vandringen genom världen,
att giva det vackraste inom en till dem som  man möter på färden.
Det gäller att giva sitt hjärtas blom och strö dem ut till de många.
Det gäller att älska, för’n sol går ned och skuggorna falla långa.

The most important thing…  translation by Hélène Lindqvist

Sow noble seeds on your path through the world,
share the most beautiful of yourself to the ones you meet on the way.
Give freely your heart’s flowers and spread them out to the many.
Love! before the sun sets and shadows grow long.

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  1. Jan-Erik Ingvall

    I was stirred to tears by the words. The truth is that we are not so much the smith of our own fortune and happiness as we believe, but we can have a great influence on our neihgbour’s well-being. The music is congenial with the poem.

  2. james e andres

    wonderful music to listen to on this site, but as a singer, i would like to know how and where to purchase the scores. can you help.

    also, i have listened to ms lindqvist’s cd of alban bergs jugendlieder. her versions are often in a different key than that found in the edition universal. as they would be better suited for my voice, i would like to somehow obtain them. is it possible to forward this request to ms lindqvist, or to give me her email address so that i might ask her myself.


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