Hans Hermann

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 Wenn es schlummert auf der Welt / When the world is sleeping

One of the musicians who are almost completely forgotten is the German composer Hans Hermann. Although he wrote numerous (at least 19, maybe even 60!) song cycles, we only found the song „Wenn es schummert auf der welt“ in our private collection of the „Sang und Klang im XIX u. XX Jahrhundert“ series. Hans Hermann studied with composers like Wilhelm Rust and Heinrich von Herzogenberg in Berlin. Both of them were very much interested in the music of J.S. Bach. Von Herzogenberg led the Bachverein Leibzig for several years. So as a composer you may call Hermann a classicist.

Please let us know if you know more about him, or if you know where one can find a photo of him.

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  1. Author

    This is great news! We have found almost nothing on him, everything is in the short text above. We might have another song of him recorded – if I find it, I will post it soon. Please send the picture file to contact (at) theartsongproject.com.

  2. i have an old postcard of Hans Hermann, acquired through my interest in Lieder. Please can you provide more info on his lieder compositions. i will of course e-mail you with a copy of the postcard

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