Gustav Lewin Knecht Rupprecht / Santa’s little helper

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Knecht Ruprecht lyrics by Martin Boelitz

Draußen weht es bitterkalt
Wer kommt da durch den Winterwald?
Stipp-stapp und Huckepack
Knecht Ruprecht ist’s mit seinem Sack.

Was steck denn in dem Sacke drin?
Äpfel, Mandel und Rosin und schöne Zuckerrosen
auch Pfeffernüß für gute Kind
die andern die nicht artig sind
klopft er auf die Hosen

Santa’s helper  translation by Hélène Lindqvist

  • In Germany, Austria and other places in Europe Saint Nicolas comes and puts sweets in children’s shoes on December 6th: the day of Saint Nicolas. In many places, however, he does not travel alone but with a beastly looking (think ugly mask with giant horns) bad guy: Knecht Ruprecht/Servant Ruprecht. He’s the one who punishes all the naughty children. On this night, in some places, hoards of these bad guys roam the streets, and if you’re not careful they’ll hit you with a broom.


Outside there’s a bitter cold wind
Who comes through the winter forest?
Stip-stapp with something thrown over the shoulder
it’s servant Ruprecht with his sack.

What’s in the sack?
Apples, Almonds and Raisons and beautiful sugar roses
even cookies for good children
the other ones, who have not been good
will get their bottoms spanked

Learn about Gustav Lewin here.

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