Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari Rispetto I

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Rispetto I     canto popolare

Quando ti vidi a quel canto apparire
Ti assomigliai alla spera del sole.
Abbassai gli occhi e non seppi che dire:
Allora incominciava il nostro amore.
Ora che il nostro amor è cominciato
Vogliami un po’ di ben giovin garbato.

Respect I  folk song    translation by Hélène Lindqvist

When I saw you appear on the corner
you seemed like a ray of the sun.
I turned down my gaze and didn‘t know what to say:
There our love began.
Now, that our love has begun,
love me a little, polite boy


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  1. Author

    …find a good music library. They’ll help you.

  2. I would love to find out where to obtain a copy of this sheet music. I’ve been have a bit of trouble finding a source. Love your rendition! Thanks!!

  3. @NewMindset wrote on Twitter:
    “WOW! What a voice!”

  4. @EarlyMusicRome wrote on Twitter:
    “An old poetical/musical form in a typical XX century mood. Lovely execution and a very beautiful site! Congratulations!”

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