Daron Hagen / Washing her hair

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Washing her hair  lyrics by Sarah Gorham

She stood over the tub,
her back naked, spine rising
to her scalp like a child’s set of beads.

I lathered her thin, dark hair,
rinsed it, watched it clump in the drain.

Foliage hung in the window,
steam dispersing its vividness like a watercolor.

It wasn’t real. It was theater
the careful way we prepared her bed,
changed her clothes,

the neighbours appearing, Magi
with their bright baskets of cheese.

In the hallway I listened to conversations
with her friends,
themselves a little closer to the end

the religious uncle who clasped his hands with joy
My mother was elated.

Confused, embarrased, I had heard something
not meant for me, and so returned to folding her towels,
my part.

The cleansing that said,
You look better today.
This will help.

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